Crystal Growth of Complex Materials:

Linking Experiment and Theory








This Network aims to bring together scientists in different disciplines and research environments, who share a common interest in nucleation, growth and dissolution phenomena as well as methods for growth enhancement or inhibition of a range of complex materials. It is one of the particular objectives of the Network to facilitate collaborative research between experimental and theoretical scientists and to encourage interaction across traditional academic disciplines and industries.

The Network was initiated as a result of a successful pilot meeting, held at the University of Reading in January 2001. Funding was obtained from EPSRC in 2003, grant no. GR/S44662, which has enabled the organisation and sponsorship of a range of activities. The Network acts both as a forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise of the members, hence promoting the initiation of new research collaborations, as well as an active body for the organisation of open-access workshops, summer schools and conferences.

See our pages for detailed information on contact details, Network remit and activities.