UCL : Static High Pressure Group


Here at UCL we investigate different areas of static high pressure research including metals under extreme conditions, high-pressure synthesis of materials and the study of bacteria under high pressure.

This group is a spoke institute from the Institute of Shock Physics (ISP) at Imperial College London. The ISP is a research institute dedicated to studying the fundamental science behind shock waves, high velocity collisions and extremes of pressure and heat.

Welcome to the UCL Static High Pressure group website

Our group focuses on the application of extreme conditions of pressure and temperature to the exploration and synthesis of materials. We use a symbiotic approach combining experimental with theoretical investigations to both guide and design experiments and to aid with the interpretation of data. In house analytical facilities include Raman scattering, x-ray diffraction (Rietveld and LeBail refinement methods), SEM and magnetic measurements. We make extensive use of synchrotron light sources for further in situ XRD and x-ray absorption (XAS, EXAFS) measurements.

Current research projects include:

  1. Synthesis of superconducting materials

  2. Synthesis of new materials in the C-N-H system

  3. Raman study of the Ta-N system

  4. Investigating metals at high pressure using both experimental and theoretical methods within the framework of the Institute of Shock Physics (ISP)

  5. Developing our research into high pressure biology - investigating amyloid fluids, survivability of bacteria cells at high pressure (namely E. coli) and investigating brain functions of mammals.

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