Sir Charles Goodeve

1904 — 1980

Biographical Memoirs

by F. D. Richardson FRS

(reproduced from the Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society
Volume 27, November 1981)
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The Magnetic Mine and Countermeasures

Some photos and explanation of a mine mechanism.

The Oerlikon Gun

"The Ice Ship Fiasco"

A 1951 article in which Sir Charles lays out his unambiguous opinion
of the World-War-II "Habakkuk" project...

I (his son, Peter) add some comments of my own on this topic here

"How Society Works"

In 1975, Sir Charles founded 'OPUS'. This pamphlet was published by that organisation the same year.

The Naval Museum of Alberta had a little more about the Hedgehog mortar,
and a photo of the charges it used, but its website is currently (August 2004) undergoing renovation
and the page is not available.

A CDROM on the history of the British Iron and Steel Research Association
has recently been produced. The authors' description is here (not connected with this site):
"BISRA — The Immortal Memory"

The pages are maintained by Peter Goodeve (his son).