For those who would like to learn a little more about surface science techniques, check out the excellent tutorials available on the web.
If the cosmos excites you then click straight to cosmic interest.
There are many more groups probing the chemistry of interstellar space and some of their web pages are available here.
Finally, if you want to recreate some of the experiments you've read about within these pages you will need to contact some of our equipment suppliers and will find some of the recommended software packages useful.

Tutorials and Chemistry in General


Roger Nix Surface Science Tutorials

Excellent and comprehensive

Venables Surface Physics lecture notes

Lecture notes on sufaces and thin films


Interactive periodic table.


Dictionary of technical aerospace terms.


Of Cosmic Interest



Mission to capture dust particles from a comet, launched on February 7 1999.

The Raw Materials

Chemistry in space, Scientific American.

Making the Smallest Molecule on Star Dust.


The Importance of Grains in Interstellar Chemistry.


Space Ref

All the latest news from NASA and beyond


NASA Space Centre


Russian Space Web


Other Research Groups


AstroSurf Network

AstroSurf Network - Surface Science Applications in Laboratory Astrophysics

Surface Astrophysics Laboratory

School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham

Dusty Plasmas Laboratory

NASA Marshall Space Flight Centre

Laboratory of Surface Physics and Astrophysics

Department of Physics, Syracuse University

Astrochemistry Laboratory

NASA Ames Research Centre.

Astrochemistry Net


Leiden Observatory

Includes details of their astrophysics research group.

UMIST Astrophysics Group

Department of Physics

Heidelberg Cosmic Dust Group

Loads of links and dusty papers

Naples Centre for Cosmic Physics


Equipment Suppliers


KJL Kurt J. Lesker Co.

UHV systems/components

Hiden Analytical

Quadrupole MS, SIMS and gravimetric analysis instrumentation


Software for Surface Science



An XPS peak fitting utility for Microsoft Excel - from R.M. Nix, Queen Mary, London

Igor pro

Data analysis tool




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