Stars 'r' Us! Exhibits

Stars 'R' Us
Seeing Stars - Spectroscopy At Work

With our first exhibit, Seeing Stars, we illustrate how visible spectroscopy allows us to remotely detect atoms and molecules in stars. A series of stars, containing different elements can be viewed through a handheld spectroscope, using a series of spectra the public are then asked to identify which gas is in which star. In addition, we also have a plasma globe which can be viewed through the handheld spectroscope, allowing the viewer to see the distinct emission from the different atoms in the plasma.

Seeing The Invisible - Infrared Imaging

Our second exhibit, Seeing the Invisible, compares images of a model interstellar cloud from a video camera seeing in the visible and a video camera looking in the infrared, to demonstrate how looking in the infrared allows us to see inside star-forming regions that appear opaque to the human eye.

Reproducing Space In A Vacuum Chamber

Our third exhibit, Reproducing Space, is a simple static exhibit illustrating the type of experimental apparatus used in our laboratory based surface science studies.

Urey-Miller Experiment

Finally, with Life in a Bottle, we reproduce the classic Urey-Miller experiment allowing the public to observe the evolution of chemical complexity in the reaction mixture.