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Current Group Members

Professor Helen Fielding
Office 133
Phone: 020 7679 5575
Email: h.h.fielding

Dr Russell Minns (Ramsay Research Fellow)
Organic photochemistry, Rydberg spectroscopy and dynamics
Lab 121,122/Office 123
Phone: 020 7679 21101/4705/4667
Email: uccarmi

Jadranka Butorac (4th year PhD student)
Development of a new experiment for studying ultrafast photochemistry on metal surfaces
Lab 122/Office 123
Phone: 020 7679 4705/4667
Email: uccajbu

Douglas Lazenby (MPhil student)
Spectroscopy, dynamics and control of Rydberg states of NO
Lab 121/Office 123
Phone: 020 7679 1101/4667
Email: douglas.lazenby

Ciaran Mooney (2nd year PhD student)
Spectroscopy and dynamics of fluorescent protein chromophore anions

Lab 122/Office 123
Phone: 020 7679 4705/4667

Roman Spesyvtsev (2nd year PhD student)
Femtosecond dynamics and control of benzene

Lab 121/Office 123
Phone: 020 7679 1101/4667
Email: roman.spesyvtsev.09
Oliver Kirkby (1st year PhD student)
Photochemistry and photophysics of porphyrin derivatives

Lab 121/Office 123
Phone: 020 7679 1101/4667
Email: o.kirkby

[Add AT ucl.ac.uk to the end of all email addresses]


Dr Vasilios Stavros (PhD 1999; PDRA 1999-2000)
PDRA Berkeley, California, USA
Royal Society research fellow and lecturer, Warwick Chemistry

Dr James Ramswell (PhD 1999)
Scientist, Defence Industry, UK

Dr Qiang Hong (PDRA 1995-7)
Industry, USA

Dr Jie Lei (PDRA 1997-8)
Industry, USA

Dr Jan Verlet (PhD 2003)
PDRA Berkeley, California, USA
EPSRC research fellow and lecturer, Durham Chemistry

Dr Robert Smith (PhD 2003)
Marie-Curie fellow, Lund, Sweden
Lawyer, London

Dr Elizabeth Boléat (PhD 2005)
Medical doctor, London

Dr Robert Carley (PhD 2005; PDRA 2005-7)
PDRA Imperial College, London
PDRA, Berlin, Germany

Dr Russell Minns (PhD 2004)
PDRA Virginia, USA

Dr Eva Heesel (PDRA 2004-7)
Optics Industry, Switzerland

Dr Rakhee Patel (PhD 2007)
Chemistry Admin, UCL

Dr Adam McKay (PDRA 2006-8)
RCUK research fellow and lecturer, UCL

Dr Nicholas Jones (PhD 2008)
Theoretical Chemistry MSc, Oxford

Dr Dorian Parker (PhD 2009)
PDRA University of Hawaii

Dr Adam Kirrander (PDRA 2005-9)
Marie-Curie fellow, Paris, France

Dr Maria Sanz (Academic visitor 2008-9)
Universidad de Valladolid, Spain

Dr Emma Wilson (PDRA 2006-9)
Scientist, UK

Abigail Nunn (PhD 2005-9)


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