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Maxwell Len McGlashan

Maxwell Len McGlashan
(1924 - 1997)

Head of Department : 1974 - 1989

McGlashan received his first degree at Canterbury University College, New Zealand, and then became a lecturer there. In 1954 he moved to a lectureship at the University of Reading, where he had done his doctorate with E.A. Guggenheim whilst on leave from Canterbury. He was appointed to the Chair of Physical Chemistry at the University of Exeter in 1964.

Ten years later he moved to UCL to head the Department of Chemistry. McGlashan's main research lay in chemical thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, and especially in those theories and experiments designed to increase understanding of molecular interactions in fluids and fluid mixtures. These interactions, present in all matter, are those which account for the imperfection and eventual condensation of gases. He served many committees concerned with standardization of units, symbols and related matters. During his fifteen year incumbency at UCL he wrote a textbook on chemical thermodynamics.

Following in Collie 's footsteps, he was also a keen mountain climber.

[McGlashan, stuck between a rock and a hard place.]

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